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Tired of hearing 'I ain't got time for that?' Then are you in for a treat! Our organization has just that, time!

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Let's be honest, you're here to do more than meetup. You want more from life than sitting by yourself in front of a computer screen, hoping that your friends will call you out, only to stand in the corner letting life pass you by. Don't worry, you can do that here too, but at least it's for a good cause.

Aug 26, 2017
7:59 PM - 11:59 AM

1591 Magnolia Ave
El Cajon, CA 92020 USA

Yogging, it's a thing people do

If you get one foot in front of the other, you'll get there eventually.

Sep 5, 2017
6:59 AM - 3:59 PM

81800 Avenue 51
Indio, CA 92201 USA

Code For Social Good

Have a project for the social good? Bring it on down!

Oct 12, 2017
10:01 AM - 11:01 PM

1122 N Milpas St
Santa Barbara, CA 93103 USA